Singapore Test Lab Pte Ltd

Singapore Test Lab has established ourselves as a Mechanical testing laboratory, and caters to customers’ and industry’s needs by providing services such as Certification, Testing and Inspection.


Set up by personnel with in-depth technical expertise and know-how in their respective fields, Singapore Test Lab (STL) provides a suite of independent third-party testing and technical capabilities. Tests performed by STL are in-line with the most recent international benchmark of ISO/IEC 17025 which attests STL’s technical competency in laboratory testing. For specialised products, or products which are uncommon, STL’s highly regarded and experienced team will develop testing methods which are suited for the specific purpose.


Singapore Test Lab is also accredited by the SAC as a Certification Body to ISO/IEC 17065. In the area of product certification, Singapore Test Lab administers the Public Utilities Board’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme for water fittings, washing machines, dual-flush low-capacity flushing cisterns, urinal and WC flush valves, waterless urinals, showerheads, dishwashers and high pressure washers.


Apart from gaining the assurance and confidence that the results of their tests and certification will be accurate and reliable, clients will also be able to receive outstanding service coverage that continues even after the first test report or certificate has been issued.

Personal Protective Equipment

We are accredited by SAC to carry out tests on personal protective equipment such as safety footwear, full body harness, restraint belts and safety helmets. These tested and certified products are used in various industries and are sold both locally and overseas.


Singapore Test Lab has been awarded and undertaken mechanical testing and playground inspection projects in Singapore and overseas, including countries in the North Asia, East Asia, South East Asia and the United Kingdom. All these projects were completed successfully and delivered on time.

Our playground projects include National Parks Board’s yearly inspection and certification, including Singapore’s tallest play feature at Coastal PlayGrove; Housing and Development Board’s Build-to-Order / Upgrading; Town Councils; Indoor Action Theme Park and Hotels.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our corporate social responsibility in the area of water conservation, Singapore Test Lab contributes to the body of knowledge in Water Efficient Products in the International Organisation for Standardisation standards development committee in developing a new international standard that is suitable for national use.

In addition, in the area of playground safety, Singapore Test Lab contributes to the working group for SS 495 Specification for impact attenuation of surface systems under and around playground equipment.